Creating solutions that make lives better.


Creating solutions that make lives better.

What we do

    • Workflow Automation
    • Web Design
    • Mobile Apps
    • Mobile Games
    • Facial Recognition
    • System Integration
    • Cloud
    • AR/VR
    • Artificial Intelligence

How we've helped our clients


A client of Clevyr’s was frustrated with their legacy flash based image editing application. Users struggled with frequent software updates that delayed critical business processes.


Higher performing IT organizations deploy code 46X faster than their competitors



The team at Clevyr created a new application with all the features of the legacy system and added in the capability to edit videos as well. With the addition of video editing, they can deliver better service, empower their users, and stay ahead of their competition.

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Onboarding in the Past

A client of Clevyr’s has been onboarding clients the same way for almost 100 years. They came to Clevyr seeking interesting and new solutions.


The share of jobs requiring AI skills has increased 450% since 2013

Onboarding Past
Onboarding Future

Onboarding in the Future

We built a Proof-of-Concept for them showcasing a tool using AI, facial recognition, and a domain specific chatbot that took the old paper and pen method and moved it to a mobile device.

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