About Us

A little insight into who we are at Clevyr.

Who we are

We’ve been around

In the spring of 2009 Clevyr was born from the desire to provide custom software that was designed and built with the sole intention of transforming the working lives of our clients. We have grown from three partners to a staff of eleven, all here in OKC. We pride ourselves on hiring, growing and supporting local causes that we love, and being a part of this community. With hundreds of clients from around the nation, Clevyr is building software for every facet of the American business.

We work with you

Keeping in contact with our clients is our number one priority, and that’s why we never have issues with miscommunication. We clearly state our estimated deadlines, how often we’re working on a project, any potential issues we see rising – all so that we can keep you in the loop. We don’t build one-off applications. We build relationships with our clients, and we strengthen those relationships with each project.

We focus on your data

To us, the most important part of our work is understanding the ins and outs of how your data flows. We want to not only help you solve problems internal to your business, but also help you explore and analyze information you never expected to gather from your data. Our goal is to make your life better.

We have talent

We’re a senior development studio, and our developers represent that. This isn’t our first rodeo, and we’re ready to take our experience and see how we can use it to help you. We’re all adults who have been developing for years, and we feel 100% confident saying that there’s not a problem out there we can’t solve.

Jason Post


Jason has been developing massive applications since 1998. He has built applications that run the gamut from environmental survey tools to software that the financial technology companies used to scan countless checks, even an application that determines the variables needed to get rounds on targets for the Department of Defense. His scientific background means that he comes to all projects with the keen eye of discovering the underlying issues, not solving the superficial needs.

Timothy Nix


Tim has been designing and developing websites and applications since 1999. Throughout his long career, Tim has focused upon the intuitive art of the design both in the user’s view and in the code as well. His long history in the print world means that he sees the application or website first as a piece typographical art, and then as a functional design. Tim’s natural analytical mind lends itself to understanding the day to day life cycle of the Clevyr office.

Matthew Williamson


Matthew began his business career on the internet in 1995 when he was the first employee of one of the nation’s first Internet Service Providers. Since then he has managed teams of developers and product managers in industries such as journalism, insurance, financial technology, and even at the nation’s largest martial arts supplier. His technological prowess has lead to speaking and writing for various conferences and publications and his devotion to making the best software has driven Clevyr to success in many fields.



Taking what you have.


Figuring out what you need.


We craft custom applications that bring your data to life. You can just call us wizards.


We crave analytics. We’ll help you learn exactly how your users interact with your application.


We work with encryption, hashing, user permissions, and more on a daily basis.


We can’t reveal our secrets!


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