Rails Developer

Managing the interchange of data between the server and the users

What is Clevyr?

Clevyr is changing how technology works. We are creating applications and software that’s intuitive and transforms the working lives of our clients. We’re using a consumer-focused and logic-driven approach to do so. This has positioned us uniquely in this space and creates one of the biggest opportunities for advancement in decades.

We’ve brought together leaders from top technology, service and design companies to deliver on our promise. We all work side by side in a collaborative, energetic, and creative environment. The result: better people, better ideas, and better technology.

What is the role?

As a key member of Clevyr’s team, you’ll be responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. You will also design the overall architecture of the web application and evolve it to ensure maximum performance and stability.

Deliverables: What you have to achieve

  • Build applications for the web and mobile devices.
  • Design and scale API endpoints.
  • Write understandable documentation for what we are are doing.
  • Write unit tests that actually test the app.

Who are you?

You are inquisitive, resourceful, inventive, and dedicated to solving problems that others cannot see past.

You are someone that believes that there is an answer, and it can be found inside the pathways of 1’s and 0’s.

You are a technologist and you want to help people solve real problems with code.


  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code
  • Integration of data storage solutions
  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server side logic
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization and automatization

Skills And Qualifications

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails, along with other common libraries such as RSpec and Resque
  • Good understanding of the syntax of Ruby and its nuances
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Good understanding of server-side CSS preprocessors
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Familiarity with concepts of MVC, Mocking, ORM, and RESTful
  • A knack for writing clean, readable Ruby code
  • Ability to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
  • Able to create database schemas that represent and support business processes
  • Able to implement automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools
  • Familiarity with development aiding tools
  • Familiarity with continuous integration
  • An understanding of Agile and the Scrum process is a must

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