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Legacy Bank


It all started like a lot of great stories do, with someone getting lost...

“At the time the Uptown area was just emerging,” explains Dave Fuller, Legacy Bank’s head of Creative Strategies & Creative Culture. “Folks had come to us looking for financing along 23rd Street, so we went down to investigate.”

While searching for their destination they ran into Clevyr CEO Matt Williamson. He was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a kind smile. What happened after that is pretty cool.

An Instant Team

“It was like an instant team. We sat around the table. We told them what we were trying to accomplish with our mobile banking app. They gave us their full attention.” — Dave Fuller Legacy Bank Head of Creative Strategies & Creative Culture

As it turns out, Matt had some background in banking core systems. So he listened. And he drew on his experience to offer ideas about how to accomplish Legacy’s goals with their app.

“They were also accepting of our ideas. It was so nice not to be talked

down to. To truly be teammates with them,” says David Taylor, Legacy technical support assistant.

The result of it all was an app that accomplished everything Legacy was hoping for, with excellence across all disciplines: programming, functionality, and design.

Five years later, Clevyr’s solution – and their code – is still working hard for Legacy Bank.

“We have new versions of the tools, but the philosophy of their code has stood the test of time, and it’s still working for us today.” — David Taylor Legacy Bank Tech Support