Halloween Special: Data isn’t One-Sided


This week we’re showcasing a special issue of our Data Series that focuses on Halloween — and what better topic to talk about than candy! The moral of today’s story is that data isn’t one-sided — there’s always more than one way to look at things.

You’ve probably heard the rumor that Halloween is a dentist’s favorite holiday because the more that kids eat sugary sweets, the more business they get from it. We’re here to tell you that this might be one way to look at things — but we’re going to show you another point of view and say that Halloween is a dentist’s least favorite holiday! Confused yet? Keep following along.

It’s true, dentists receive a small burst of appointments soon after Halloween takes place from kids that get toothaches, cavities, and more — and while this might mean some short term cash inflow, it’s not a sustainable business model. Dentists, like most other professions, make the most profit when their clients end up happy — and typically, you’re not a happy parent if your child is having a painful operation from overdosing on Halloween candy. Both the parents and the child are more likely to associate this dentist with a negative experience — even if the procedure went perfectly fine. Costly dental procedures tend to involve insurance companies more too, and the more insurance gets involved, typically the lower of a percentage they end up paying to the dentist when you consider the costs involved. The dentist’s office could charge the patient for the portion that insurance didn’t cover — but again, this goes back to associating this dentist with a negative experience and thus losing the patient as a client, and most medical professionals would rather avoid this all together. Considering all this, it makes sense that dentists might not enjoy that post-Halloween inflow of business, because they know it’s not positive business.

Dentists succeed in their business much more through routine procedures, checkups, and other regular appointments. Most people aren’t ever truly happy to visit their dentist, but they know that it’s something that needs to be done — and this type of positive business leads to strong relationships and recurring clients.

So — do all dentists hate Halloween, then? Well, it depends on the dentist, but at least you can now see a different way to think about it.

All of this goes to show you that even if you look at things in a one-sided manner, the data you’re looking at will always be unbiased and show you two, three, or even more points of view. That’s how we operate at Clevyr; you come to us with a project proposal and present us with what you think your data is telling you — and we crack open every nook and cranny we can find to truly expose how your business operates and what your needs are. We thrive on positive business; we don’t want that short project with a relationship that ends prematurely. We want to work together with you, and truly help you accomplish your goals, over and over again.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!