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Best Artificial Intelligence Technology Provider: Impact through Innovation

We are honored to earn the 2021 top spot in The Journal Record’s Reader Rankings for Best Intelligent Technology Provider: Artificial Intelligence. This year, there were almost 1400 businesses nominated, 83 categories, and more than 17,000 votes from business professionals across the state were cast from March 25th - April 19th. We want to share a special thank you to our clients, the local tech community, and our collective industry partners who showcased their confidence in our work and voted Clevyr as No.1 in this category. Your voices and votes made the difference! 

In 2020, during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, our team made a new commitment to what we believe are the most important drivers of innovative change that would positively impact businesses of all sizes, not just a select few. The business of developing intelligent software solutions is not as complex or unattainable as it may seem. In fact, our mission in all cases was essentially the same: break down the complexity and simply build the solution that integrates the user's needs, leverages the best technology, and allows the business to achieve its definition of success. 

Storytelling is a fundamental piece to any successful data or technology initiative. Why? Because data isn't actionable or insightful unless it has meaning. To be meaningful and drive true innovation, the work must transform the user experience and tell the story for you."

For some, this looked like what you might expect: custom software development initiatives, web portals to engage customers in the digital space for the first time, new mobile applications, etc. 

For others, we engineered interactive 3D experiences creating a new level of dynamic engagement for users, uncovering unexpected insights that revolutionized their business, or perhaps, the industry itself. In all scenarios, we worked to develop solutions that address each client’s unique goal to satisfy their own customers' unmet needs -- whether they realized it or not! 

Our current projects continue to bridge that gap between three key areas: immediate business value impact, growth & scalability, and long-term ROI. We do this by guiding our clients through the process of identifying opportunities for automation, process improvement, digital experience design, and ways to capture data and make it actionable across the organization. Regardless of industry, we believe our work will continue driving change from right here in Oklahoma! Clevyr's commitment to our local community is something we are very proud of and is why we are hold this recognition in such high regard!

We would also like to congratulate BIS | Grouper and DNI, as our fellow technology providers also nominated in this category. You guys rock!

Learn more about our specific community involvement: OITA, OKWIT, and Techlahoma. To learn more about our intelligent software development and artificial intelligence solutions, let’s chat.

- Clevyr Leadership Team