Goodbye Gear Logo, Hello Clevyr Fox

Clevyr Open Graph

For the past eight years, the gear has served as Clevyr’s logo. It symbolizes work, production, and force.

Clevyr Gear

The gear also symbolizes movement and progress. But that movement is stationary until an interaction happens. It lacks the personality, traits, and culture of our team and our capabilities.  

In recent years, Clevyr has reconsidered what symbol should be front and center as the first impression made by the company. As we deliberated, one image kept coming front and center as the compelling metaphor for who we are.

The fox.

Clevyr Fox Icon

The logo change was because the fox is a crafty, stealthy and resourceful creature. It’s active both at day and at night… kinda like our developers. And kinda like our software, which runs at all hours.

Maybe it’s because foxes use the earth’s magnetic field to hunt. Don’t know how that applies to a software development firm, but that’s SO impressive!

It’s because you can’t help but think of it when you say,

"Clevyr like a fox"

We’re sure it’s the right choice. The fox. The Clevyr fox. Let us know what you think. 

Clevyr logo

Matthew Williamson CEO