Cloud Passwords

Data Series

This week’s Data Series focuses on a topic we’re all familiar with: Passwords

Before we get to the more fun data talk in this series, we need to have a discussion about keeping your data safe. One of the easiest ways for someone to get access to your online accounts is to compromise one of your passwords and then use that password on all of your other accounts. If you’re like most users across the world, you probably have just one or two passwords you use for all of your accounts — and we hate to break it to you, but that’s not good.

Now you might be wondering if we expect you to use different passwords for every single site that you log in to — that sounds pretty extreme, right? But the answer is yes, we do! And it’s really easy to accomplish that with some neat password management tools.


Here at Clevyr, every time we sign up for a new service, we use a unique password — and we do this with the help of an application called 1Password. 1Password allows us to store secure information in a way that only our team has access to it. It’s not limited to passwords — we can store server credentials, credit cards, router settings, secure notes, and just about any other secure data you can think of. It also helps us to generate insanely secure passwords so that no hacker could ever guess them, and we never have to personally remember those passwords!

1Password isn’t the only option out there as far as password management tools go. Others like LastPass and KeePass help accomplish the same goal, too.

Keeping your passwords secure isn’t the only way to protect your data — but it’s by and large the most important and easiest way for you to do so. Using password management tools has helped out our team immensely, and we know they’ll help you if you give them a shot. Get rid of that single password, and start living life knowing that your data is secure. It’s truly a breath of fresh air when you don’t have to remember your passwords anymore.

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