Finding Your Development Partner - Tango, Not a Limbo

Working with a development partner should have a fair balance between your vision and the reality of what is possible. This does not mean you should sacrifice your standards or expectations, neither should your chosen development team. This isn’t a limbo; the bar doesn’t rise and fall where either party is expected to contort themselves to make it work. You want to avoid this scenario where one minute the bar is high without any issues and the next so low that nothing can be accomplished.

Roadblocks are inevitable, that’s a fact of life. Your partnership should be like a tango, smooth and fluid but aggressive when it needs to be. To clarify, aggressiveness in this context means productive problem-solving because no one wants to be at odds when it comes to developing software. As we mentioned in our previous article — Finding Your Development Partner — Shall We Dance? - communication is always one of the most important factors of the relationship.

Roger, Roger...What’s Your Vector, Victor (include animated gif from Airplane)

Expressing your goals and vision in the initial discovery meeting along with providing key details to give to your potential development partner. The need for communication from both sides extends through the full scope of the project and after. Not only does good communication assist with figuring out the scope but your budget so that you can avoid the awkward game of limbo. There are a few things to consider early on:

  • How do they communicate with their clients?
  • Who will be your direct point of contact?
  • What phases or milestones are involved?
  • When you hit the end of a phase or milestone, what should you expect?

It takes well calculated executable steps to bring something of an intangible nature to life. The creation of any software product greatly depends on what gets communicated and how it gets communicated on both sides. This will be a long-term relationship; a final product may not be the end of your dance. One key thing to keep in mind is to express your desire to have a prototype provided before the final product. A prototype is an ideal opportunity to determine that all of your needs have been met and incorporated into your software product.

What the Tech?

Another crucial piece of this dance is technology. Not all development companies offer the same tech stacks so if your heart is set on having your software product built in React Native, you would need to find a company that is well-versed in creating apps in that framework. It’s important that your potential development partner implement the current trends to ensure that the technology is not only relevant but can provide the efficiency needed to create and support your software product.

Be prepared to walk into your discovery meeting knowing how to determine if they can serve your needs. Do not be afraid to ask questions that will help you to determine their level of expertise, technologies, experience along with a portfolio and client testimonials.

Our actual limbo game is pretty strong, but when it comes to technology we prefer the dynamic challenge of the tango. Contact us today to find out if we are the right development partner for you.