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 A Technology Roadmap with Clevyr

A Technology Road Map

A Technology Review & Roadmap Session is the first step towards building a great product. Technology roadmaps are an essential planning tool for enterprise and start-up software. The software you use at work should be fast, fun, elegant, & easy. At Clevyr we create just that through the process of a roadmap.

Without fail, every client that walks into our doors wants to know two things:

  • How much will it cost to do X

  • And how long will it take to do X

In order to answer that question, our team needs to review:

  • Product Roadmap

  • Business Requirements

  • User Journeys

  • Wireframes

  • Existing Technology

  • Integration needs

For those clients who have all of that information, the next step is simple. We review their documentation and provide a quote. These documents are a strong sign of good technology planning.

If the above-described items do not exist, Clevyr offers a service to begin the process of creating your roadmap.

During this session, two senior members of the Clevyr team will meet with the key members of our client’s team for up to 7 hours. We will work together to identify how to take your vision from idea to reality.

During this starter engagement, Clevyr will:

  • Review your business goals

  • Discuss how this product fits into those goals

  • Learn who will use this product

  • Discover how they will use this product

  • Determine what 3rd party software products will integrate with your product

  • Establish the business requirements needed to begin work

This type of roadmap will provide key information to help you make better decisions about technology investments. The session will include time set aside for understanding your business problem/solution, your existing technology, and your desired future state.

Technology Review & Roadmap

Know Where your Technology is Headed

After the session finishes, Clevyr will spend time researching and compiling information. We then will spend approximately 2 weeks preparing a report (typically - 12 pages) that outlines the nuances of your product’s development.

The deliverables are:

  • The detailed report (10–12 pages) of your technology plan

  • A time and effort investment plan for bringing your idea into reality

  • An audio recording of the planning session

  • A systems map

  • A project plan with deliverables broken out into 3–4 phases

Clients use this plan in various ways:

  • Enterprise clients share the details of the plan with other members of their company for budgeting and planning purposes

  • Startups incorporate the roadmap into their pitches for capital funding

  • All clients use the document to align the disparate stakeholders on their software development project


Do you have a plan for how to build your product?

Clevyr builds cutting edge, scalable technology software solutions including artificial intelligence for IT operations, digital twinning, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing - plus much more! Check us out at clevyr.com or drop us a line at [email protected].

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