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WFH Toolkit - Staying Productive as a Remote Worker

Remote working has been a trending topic in the tech world for the past couple of years. Now with the spread of COVID-19 or more commonly known as the Coronavirus, many companies are not only encouraging but mandating that all employees work from home, now being commonly referred to as WFH. Communities around the country are complying with CDC recommendations like social distancing. At Clevyr, our team is utilizing digital portals and intranet tools to transition to #WFH life.

The idea of working from home sounds like a dream plus your helping ‘flatten the curve’. Relaxing mornings, sweatpants or pajamas, and a flexible schedule, but don’t let the comfort of home lure you into false confidence. Remote work requires planning, scheduling, and dedication — here are a few tips that will help you thrive during the Coronavirus pandemic, social isolation, and self-quarantine times.

Morning Routine

Having a standard morning routine is essential. Sure, it’s great to roll out of bed in your designated pajamas and flip open your laptop. Sticking to a set routine not only helps to keep you refreshed but also consistent. It’s a great way to avoid burnout especially when our days start and end with Coronovirus conversations. 

Set a Schedule

Everyone has peak performance times. Take time to assess when you are the most motivated. Don’t forget about deadlines and meetings - be fully present and focused during your available hours.

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Sitting on the sofa may seem like a good idea, but a designated workspace allows you to set limits and boundaries - this is best when you have a roommate, children, or partner at home. Having a designated work area does not mean you cannot branch out to work in other areas of your home.

Regular Breaks

Even at home, you need to take frequent breaks. Whether that is a moment to do some dishes, walk outside, or lunch - many food delivery apps now feature a No Contact delivery method. Maintaining breaks can help you feel energized and boost your overall performance - staying ready for a video conference at a moment’s notice.

Music versus Television

Music playing in the background, for many, increases focus and mood. Crank up the tunes. On the other hand, television is not recommended as it creates a distraction that can impact your productivity. We know what you’re thinking, but those episodes will be waiting for you tonight.

Stay Connected

Make sure your internet Wi-Fi is at a capable speed to allow you to work without interruption. It is recommended to either set up near your router or hooking your computer or laptop directly via ethernet. Some internet providers are offering new services as COVID-19 disrupts life for students, workers, families, businesses, and communities.

We encourage everyone to follow the CDC and WHO recommendations regarding preventative measures to fight against the spread of COVID-19. We remain focused on the health and safety of our employees and the community, which is why creating the Clevyr Cares #Coronavirus Dashboard was a top priority. The dashboard sources information directly from the John Hopkins University data. Use our digital tool to find resources and Coronavirus case information locally and globally.

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Kelli Matthews