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Why You Should Build Custom Software

There comes a time when organizations grow, pivot, or disrupt themselves in ways “off-the-shelf" software simply can’t support. The initial low-cost investment may seem like a great idea at the time, but over the long haul is it saving money? Maybe. But, maybe not. Inexpensive routes rarely lead to lean and efficient software. The consumer often pays for features that don’t meet their organization’s needs. What’s the alternative? Custom software. Despite a higher price tag, there are many advantages to investing in outsourcing development to create tailored or bespoke software.

Commercial Software versus Custom Software

The difference between commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software and custom software does not stop at the price tag. Custom or boutique software has numerous benefits. Streamlining workflows represents potential op-ex savings and can lead to increases in productivity. Customized report generation and tracking abilities can change how a business approaches long-term decision-making. Features like these have real value and impact your ROI. What may start as a larger initial investment, often switches to a cost-savings tool.

The majority of COTS software allows little to no customization leaving teams struggling to fill in the missing gaps and creating Frankenstein-like internal processes. We often work with companies whose resources, that could be distributed elsewhere, are focused on more manual solutions that exhaust both time and manpower. Custom software represents a way to maximize time, once spent patching together quick-fix solutions, on other areas of value. Increased productivity in the long term is a great return on investment. When productivity increases, so do revenue and sales, thereby increasing your profitability.

Areas of Value

Application Customization

This refers to modifying COTS applications to enhance features to better serve internal needs. This can be somewhat limiting but help to better fit the functionality of your organization.

Application Modernization

It provides a critical role in maintaining the viability that meets the needs of ever-evolving user demands. Predicting future needs can be difficult but when your software takes into account that modernization will need to be made it allows an organization to have the stability you need in an ever-changing market.

Application Management

The software requires maintenance. That cost should be factored into any development budget. Custom software is more effective with support such as installation, updating, performance and availability optimization, and service desk functions that will ensure your software functions properly.

It’s important to keep in mind that with software tailored to your organization you are not only increasing the efficiency but keeping the integration costs down. Integrating new software into your day-to-day routine is not only risky but can come with a sticker shock-inducing price tag. One of the benefits is that the software was created to address the needs and how your organization operates allowing for easier integration. It gives you the independence and scalability that COTS applications may not have afforded you. It allows for an increase in profitability and scalability that were otherwise limited to the scope of how commercial software functions.

Getting Started

Not sure where to begin? We can help by discussing what your organization’s needs are - contact us today.

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